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When selecting shrubs for the home landscape, our choices should often be based on their ornamental characteristics, such as flowers, fruit, or autumn foliage rather than will they stay green, why because we find the more striking and satisfying garden designs are one that change and evolve over the seasons and for this you need some great deciduous shrubs in the mix.

We strongly suggest incorporating more deciduous shrubs in to your garden design, some of our favourites have been listed here for sale but we stock many more at our physical nursery in Bowral they are just too large to ship.

Medium-size, deciduous shrubs (those that grow 4 to 8 feet tall) are important components of the home landscape. Some can be used in hedges, screens, or naturalized areas. Others are excellent accent plants in the landscape. 

Don’t miss out on the spring burst of blossoms and fragrance or the beautiful deep reds and soft yellows of the autumn foliage because there might be some bare branches for a couple of months.


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