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It can be so exciting watching your herbaceous perennials emerge each year out of the ground, fresh, soft ,delicate green leaves and plump buds pushing through the soil. There is always such confusion and argument on the specifics of the term herbaceous. Here we are not going to get in to the nitty gritty of the terms rather use it as a broad name to help you choose the right plant for you. So, when we say herbaceous we are referring to plants that die down or die back at certain times of the year (mainly in winter). Some will completely disappear while others may require trimming of woody steams left above ground which you could argue are more deciduous rather than herbaceous but this is where we say we are not getting into the specifics. This section is more so you can understand that plants we deem herbaceous will disappear underground or die back for certain time of the year so you don’t have to worry you haven’t killed them. We have also included many of our rhizomes and bulbs in this section just so you can find these lovely plants that disappear easily in one collection. Here you will find so many different types of plants with varying foliage and flower attributes have fun trying to decide on your favourite. 

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