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Schizophragma Hydrangeoides Roseum .jpg

This collection covers only a few plants, we do not stock many climbers as many become invasive, but the few they we do stock are magnigent and can be kept to where they should be quite easily. Included here are our rare Schizophragmas they are deciduous shrubs climbing by aerial roots, with broadly ovate leaves and showy flower-heads resembling lacecap hydrangeas, with large, ovate, bract-like outer florets.


Bare wall? Ugly fence? Hot house in summer that needs shading? Climbing plants solve all these issues, transforming your problem into a lush cascade of green that can provide months of colour and fragrance. The best climbers need to suit your purpose, so consider whether you'd like an evergreen cover or to let the winter sun in through, say, a pergola.


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