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For over 40 years Moidart Nurseries has specialised in the propagation of rare and collectable cold climate plants, shrubs, trees and perennials.

Moidart Nursery is a small family run wholesale plants nursery situated on a private 100 acre property in Bowral southern highlands Australia. In the highlands we have both extreme weathers cold in winter with frosts most days and sitting between -5 to 19 and in summer we get hot days 12 to 32 rarely but sometimes reaching into the 40’s we have true 4 seasons.

The nursery is surrounded by 100+ year old trees giving us perfect growing conditions to specialise in shade loving groundcovers and bulbs.

We do also have some sunny patches to so don’t worry we have many sun loving plants to entice you too!.

Our nursery was born in the 1970's and was designed to complement and stock our garden and vice versa so you should plan a trip to visit the stunning 5 acre garden when its open in spring. You can see some of the plants we stock planted on mass and steal some garden design ideas. Its always better to see what a plant looks like out of a pot, this is very for many of our ground covers they don’t like to be constrained to a pot!

We stock plants from all over the world Chile, China. The Americas, England and Europe and more predominately cold climate so many of our plants are deciduous or herbaceous , but the best ones are right? All our groundcovers are perennials, who needs annuals to replant each year.


Moidart nursery has been managed by renowned horticulturalist Graham Warwick for over 25 years. Todays nursery collection is due to his keen eye for the unusual and great knowledge of all things plants. The nursery is maintained by a small team of family members so please be patient with us.

At Moidart we seek to find the best of the best and the most intriguing and rare. Due to this we have a large range of plants but with rare plants usually very low numbers are available so we do not have a stock list as it is ever changing and evolving but please feel free to call the nursery and ask if we stock a certain plant you are hunting as we might just have it out the back in low numbers so it hasn't been listed on the website.

If you don’t see what you are looking for available on our website please contact the nursery direct on 02 48612600 as we may have what you are looking for just not enough to list on the website for sale as we also sell direct at the nursery in Bowral so number fluctuate rapidly.

All plants are grown and propagated at the nursery or sourced from reputable nurseries and grow in outdoor environments . Meaning our plants are tough NO HOT HOUSE RAPID GROWN PLANTS HERE. 

Our online Nursery now offers direct sales of rare and collectable plants to collectors and garden lovers and professional horticulturists. 
New plants are added to this site as they become available. Plants for sale at our online Nursery are only the tip of the ice berg more varieties  are available in person at our nursery in Bowral.

Please note this plants available the website are in 140mm pots or smaller for shipping purposes. There may be large sizes available for purchase in person at our nursery in Bowral.

Take advantage of our new pickup in store option save some money on shipping and put it towards another plants we are sure you will find in our retail section at the nursery.

Visit our stunning 5 acre garden in spring click here for opening times

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