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In this collection you will find not only bulbs but rhizomes and pips that act just like bulbs. We have grouped them together to help you decide which is best for you. There is both sun loving and shade loving bulbs and even the odd evergreen bulb.

One of our favourite bulb species are the Arisaema their common name, Cobra Lilies, derives from the rather snake-like appearance of the inflorescence in some species. Most Arisaema grow seasonally from an underground tuber, appearing above ground in the spring and dying back for the winter. Some tropical species are evergreen, or may grow from a rhizome. Despite their tropical appearance, many Arisaema take to outdoors cultivation easily. Cool, dappled shade that is protected from the intense mid-day sun is perfect. Areas under the canopy of spreading trees are often ideal provided that the ground is not bone dry. 

Other plants featured in this collection include Galanthus,  Erythronium,  Convallaria and Fritillaria.


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