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Our woodland transforms in spring with the abundance of bulbs like bluebells and daffodils popping out of the ground but it also features winter interest too with evergreen mahonias and hellebores and dainty galanthus dangling in the winter sun. Start your 4-season woodland garden collection here.

Woodland plants are plants that thrive in dappled shade to full shade. Many popular woodland plants used in Australian Gardens are originally from Europe, North America and Asia. It is common for these imported woodlanders to grow beneath deciduous trees amongst the leaf litter or leaf mould. We have created a collection of some of our favourites here for you to choose from.

A woodland can be as large or small as you want it, just think of it like an area of dappled shade with protection from hot afternoon sun in particular. Areas beneath Japanese Maple Trees, Beech Trees. Woodland plants may be either dry loving woodland plants or moist loving woodlanders, however both types require a humus rich soil that imitates the natural accumulation of leaf litter or leaf mould. It needs to be remembered that not all plants of related species require the same conditions, so although some primulas are suitable for a woodland garden others are not. And some plants will do well in a woodland situation as well as in the open garden.



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