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Primula are an easy to grow group of perennial plants which come in many different colours and shapes. Many people thinking of Primula will recall the popular Polyanthus, but in fact there are many different types, shapes, sizes and colours of Primula and they are great garden plants.


Primula like to grow in moist soil, and many of the Candelabra varieties are popular to grow by streams and in bog gardens and are also tolerate shade.

Primulas are bright and cheerful and just ideal for a spring border. It is easy to grow Primulas, simply plant in dappled shade in soil which tends to be damp and not prone to drying out.  

As a woodland plant, a position in semi shade, with a mulch of organic matter or leaf mould would be just idea. Primula are tough plants and will do well in most spots if not too dry and in baking sun. Sometimes the leaves on Primula can get a bit discoloured, brown at the edges and removing these will help to make them re-flower think of how a rabbit would have nibbled at the plant in the wild, and also dead heading will help to keep the plant flowering. 

The simple cowslip, Primula veris looks lovely in a natural setting and will colonise a bank forming clumps. It is a more  delicate, simple version of the blousy cousins in the Primula family.  Primula auricula can be treated more like succulents and take a drier runner position, theres a primula for just about every spot in your garden.


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