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Hydrangea seemannii PICK UP ONLY. A rare evergreen vine climbing like ivy. Flowers are white lace cap with a slightly domed appearance. Leaves leathery with hairy under leaf. Height to 5 metres. Prefers shade. The massive display of snowy-white flowers growing up the trunk of a tree actually includes two kinds of flowers: the familiar "lace caps" on long pedicels, which are sterile; and the tiny green flowers in the centre, which are fertile and without petals. The leaves are evergreen, lustrous and leathery. Hydrangea seemannii is native to cloud forests of the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. The extensive shade makes climbing to sunlight imperative. This hydrangea may have two types of growth patterns. If planted free standing, it can grow either as a bush (in sunlight) or a vine in deep(shade). If there is support nearby, its long shoots reach out for something to hold on to, and it develops into a vine. Hydrangea seemannii is named after Berthold Seeman, a German botanist who travelled the world in the 19th century seeking unusual plants.

Hydrangea seemannii PICK UP ONLY

  • Shipping Details We ship to all states of Australia except Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory. We do not ship internationally. Plants are shipped only in the cooler months between late March and October*. You may order at any time.** The plants you have purchased will normally be despatched within 1 week to the delivery address which you supply. Plants are shipped bare rooted*** through Australia Post at a standard rate. Orders are packed and shipped on Mondays to ensure smallest possible time in transit and usually arrive within 3 days. Plants will be shipped* on receipt of payment. Additional time should be allowed where payment is made by cheque, as we will not normally despatch goods until the cheque has cleared. Although we like to think we give a good service for most of the year, we hope you will appreciate that despatch of goods during our busy period (August-October inclusive) may take a few extra days. Plants may also be picked up at the Nursery. Please select the pick-up option at the checkout. You will need to notify us by phone call on when you intend to pick up your plants Monday to friday and every 3rd saturday of the month between 9:30am and 2pm. Your order needs to be picked up within 2 weeks of your order date or additional watering fees will apply. * dates may vary depending on weather, you will be notified when your order is ready to send. ** orders received between November to march will be held and sent as soon as weather allows or when plants become dormant. *** Plants are shipped bare rooted wrapped in moist paper, so please ensure you have your garden bed of pot and soil ready to re plant and use Seasol when watering in to help with stress for transferring plants. For large and commercial orders please contact at the nursery directly by email of phone. You may order at any time. Plants will be shipped* or can be picked up on receipt of payment. We accept payment by PayPal, cheques and cash. Cooling-off Period/Cancellation and Refund/ReturnPolicy All care is taken to see that plants are shipped in good condition when they leave our nursery. Therefore, we don't except returns or offer refunds. We do not offer cooling off periods all sales are final. Moidart Nurseries is not responsible for the service of Australia Post. Orders are packed and shipped on Mondays to ensure the smallest possible time in transit and usually arrive within 3 days. NB. Please be aware that this is a small family run wholesale nursery with only 2 staff member so please be patient - items listed on website were correct at time of inclusion but stock numbers may vary due to sales at the nursery door. *dates will vary depending on weather. The size of plants shipped Please note the plants available from the website are grown in 140mm pots or smaller for shipping purposes. There may be large sizes available for purchase in person at our nursery in Bowral. We endeavour to send bulbs at flowering size but sometimes this is not possible, We will substitute with multiple bulbs instead of one flowering size bulb to the price equivalent.
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